"Anyone who has declared someone else to be an idiot, a bad apple, is annoyed when it turns out in the end that he isn't" - Frederich Nietzche

Friday, March 25, 2011

sextus decimus: cheating.

This method is called "Toyol". And now you know.

Hamlet's famous soliloquy comes to mind when I'm writing this. So here's a parody of the original monologue that I made up myself:

"To cheat or not to cheat, that is the question. Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to sneak a peek while answering a test, or to take arms against a thousand examination invigilators. To cheat, be afraid no more. Thus invigilators does not make cowards of us all"

Well, this being a blog viewed by lecturers and all, I'd say that cheating's wrong. And whoever caught cheating during an exam should be expelled from the university because it's a serious offence. The point of an exam is to test your understanding of the subject, not your ability to cheat.

But why do students cheat? Well, this is because of a few factors. The first one is that some subjects are probably too hard and beyond the student's understanding, so they feel the need to cheat to get their grades up. Secondly, the students might not have studied for the test/exam so cheating's an easy way out. The third factor is that some students are just too lazy to open their books to study for an examination, so again, they cheat as an easy way to ace the tests.

Do you want to know how students usually cheat in the examinations? Well, I'd tell you, but it's a trade secret and I'm sworn to secrecy. You'd have to find out for yourself. Hahaha.

But cheating does not only apply to exams and tests. You can cheat in other areas of life. As for me, I cheat when playing video games to make gameplay easier when it gets too hard. This is socially acceptable to some degree.

But what's unacceptable is when people cheat on their spouses! Come on, people. Relationships are built on trust and being faithful is a fundamental key to every relationship. Cheating spouses destroys trust. Married couples having extramarital affairs breaks a family and is very detrimental to the children's well-being. :-(

I don't know why I'm being emotional all of a sudden. Sorry peeps, cheating's a touchy subject to me.

So that's my last topic as per the lecturers' instruction. But that doesn't mean I've stopped posting in this blog. See you guys later. It's been an awesome ride with you folks! Have a great life, folks!

quintus decimus: end.

It's the end of the blogging project. What a relief~! 

It's been fun while it lasts, mates. I had a lot of pleasure writing my thoughts down and reading what my classmates wrote in their blog. 

But fret not, it's not the end of our blogging career. Huzai already has his own personal blog. This blog is, in a way, an extension of his blog. Check it out if you have the time.

I would like to thank all of my classmates, and of course, Madam Mariati herself, for all the help and input given during this blogging assignment.

See you later in another medium, my friends. Goodbye~!

Monday, March 14, 2011

quartus decimus: awesomeness.

So for this week we're supposed to write about our top 5 awesome things. So let's start. Here it is, my top five AWESOME things. Bear in mind that these are the things I consider awesome, but it might not be awesome to you. So please, bear with me.

#1 - Sleeping while it's raining outside.

Imagine a room with the air being heavy and cold due to the rain, with a dim lighting. Now imagine yourself sleeping on a bed with a heavy comforter. That's a powerful combination. How often do we hear someone say "Hey, it's raining. What a perfect time to be sleeping!"? In my experience, pretty often. So this is definitely an awesome thing to do.

#2 - Getting to eat all our favourite food without worrying about gaining weight.

Hey, everyone loves to pig out sometimes. With all these "healthy eating" trends, you can't eat a hamburger in peace without someone telling you that it's unhealthy and fattening. Puh-leez, I know what's good for me. And what's good for me NOW, is a double-decked cheeseburger with fries on the side. There are some people with a high rate of metabolism that makes them naturally skinny no matter how much they eat. Ah well, life isn't fair, but getting to eat and eat and eat every once in a while is awesome!

#3 - Live music shows

No matter what you say, "Justin Bieber Live in Malaysia" or another Korean boy-band live show is no way as awesome as small-scale gigs especially with hardcore bands playing. Musicians playing live with audience participation at it's finest: moshing, crowd surfing, and of course, the obligatory stage dives tops dancing pretty boys anytime. Go experience this yourself and then tell me if it's not awesome.

#4 - Doing things together with our loved ones.

Be it family, friends, or that special someone, doing anything and having a good time together with them counts as awesome. 'Nuff said.

#5 - Lazing around

The most awesome thing I could think of is this. To do nothing and not being worried about some unfinished stuff, is heaven. When the mind is at ease and free to wander, you could do anything you fancy doing (or not doing). Ah, how I wish I could laze around too...

So there you are, mates. Five awesome things. Now go forth and be awesome yourselves!

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Saturday, March 5, 2011

tertius decimus: heavy heavy low low.

Back with another band review! *fist pump the air and shows horned fingers \m/

A mathcore band that hails from San Jose, California, Heavy Heavy Low Low was formed in 2004 with their first release entitled Courtside Seats.

The band had toured the United States four times since they formed in 2004 with other big names in the scene such as 'The Number Twelve Looks Like You' and 'HORSE The Band'. If one were to describe the band's sound, it's probably a psychedelic mix of metal/hardcore/thrash influences. Definitely one of my favourite bands out there with a unique sound of their own.

My favourite song by them is called 'Saran Wrap Love Affair'. Here's the clip of the song as per usual. Enjoy, peeps! :)

Sorry, the audio quality is low. I couldn't find any better sounding clip on Youtube. Ah well. Till next post, I bid you adieu!

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Friday, March 4, 2011

duodecimus: voting.

Yes, even Paris Hilton agrees that you should vote.

Students must vote during the 'Students' Election because... well, because it's a duty of every citizen (in this context, students can be considered the citizen of a learning institution) to vote and choose their leaders.

As a collective that celebrates democracy, there's no other way to show our love for the system by practicing what we believe in. In this case, elections as a way of demonstrating democracy. And it's imperative that those who lead us is chosen by the majority of the people, as opposed to appointing one because these chosen leaders are going to be the voice of the students. (Or at least, the majority of the students)

Firstly, voting in the Students Election gives us a chance to get our voices heard and our rights as students protected. If there's no one to represent the students, then there's no one to actually sound our opinions and thoughts to those who 'rules' us (in this case, the University)

Secondly, voting in the Students Election gives us opportunities to make informed choices. As the candidates are going to be campaigning like mad for us to vote for them, this will make them inform us of their goals, platform statements, and also their manifesto.

Third and lastly, voting in the Students Election educates us on how the voting system actually works and this teaches us how the General Elections are held. Students who had never voted for any political parties or entities (because they are too young or unregistered) will get a taste of voting and hopefully, it prepares them to vote for the 'real' elections.

To sum it all up, students should vote in the 'Students' Elections because of the benefits it brings to the students themselves. So, did you vote during the last 'Students' Election? You did? Good for you. That's a good citizen right there. Ahaha. 

And that's it for this entry. Signing off (sorry, no music videos this time. I'm too tired to search for 'em)

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undecimus: how true!

What did you do again, Edward??

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Monday, February 28, 2011

decimus: great leaders.

"Jedi Master, I am. Lead the Jedi Council I did. Hmmmm!"
What makes a great leader? Is it how he carries himself, the way he talks to those he's leading, or the traits he's born with?

In my humble opinion (is there an opinion that's ever humble?), the things that makes for a great leader is not a god-given gift. It can be learned. For example, a great leader is not born with the perseverance needed to attain his goals. But it's up to our individual resolve, to work hard and achieve the dreams of the people.

But it's true that some people are just better at being a leader than the others. The term 'a natural-born leader' comes to mind at this juncture. But as I said earlier, it all comes down to our own resolve. If we want to become a great leader, all the resources are there for us to use. But if we don't, then there's not a thing that we can do. Hence, great leaders are not born, they are made.